Good health is a great blessing for us. We must keep ourselves fit and healthy. It can be only done by balanced and nutritious diet. Our body requires significant amount of calcium, vitamins and some other nutrients. Now a days people don’t bother about their health and try to get such important nutrients through artificial sources.

Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamin

s required for our body. There are plenty of natural sources through which we can get vitamin E and can get rid of deficiency of this Vitamin.How to use vitamin E oil on skin and hair.


Vitamin E Sources


The simple ways of getting Vitamin Eare:

Tropical Fruits are the source of Vitamin E. fruits including Papaya, kiwi, golden apple, water melon, avocado, cempedak, babco and some others fall into this category.

Broccoli a vegetable is one of the best sources of getting Vitamin E. this green vegetable is the best addition in your meal list for dinner.

Spinach another green vegetable when cooked will provide you with significant amount of Vitamin E and is very healthy for you.

Vegetable oil which includes olive oil and soya bean oil are great source of Vitamin E. Corn and canola oils are also best to use.

Dried Apricots in salad can be used as a source of Vitamin E. they seem delicious.

Red Bell Peppers are source of Vitamin E + Vitamin C. this combination makes them more nutritious and healthy to use. It’s better to use them fresh.

Tomatoes and Mangoes are also part of food list which provides Vitamin E to our body.

Hazelnuts and almonds are dry fruits and they are very tasty and provide Vitamin E to our body. They also provide us with some other important nutrients to our body. They can be eaten in their raw form and you can take it anywhere by keeping them in your pocket.

Taro Root when cooked provides you with Vitamin E. It can also be used as a supplement of potato.

Basil and Oregano which are dried herbs contains Vitamin E into them. They can be used in Pastas, Pizzas, Salads and Sandwiches.Deficiency of Vitamin E can cause various diseases in our body.

The main problems are Anemia, vision problem, heart problem, Fat malabsorption and some other too. You must have proper amount of Vitamin E and all other important nutrients in your body it will keep you healthy, fit and smart and will keep you away from all such problems.

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