Acne is the problem faced by most of the girls and boys in their teenage. Pimples are very common skin problem but cystic acne is something more big and painful. There are many reasons which cause cystic acne. In this article we will explain you that what is cystic acne and how it is treated.

What is cystic Acne:

Cystic acne is big red pimple occur on face having its roots deep inside skin. It is very painful and itchy. It damages skin a lot by leaving scars that are tough to get rid of. This type of acne occurs when the skin is blocked by dirt or most probably by dead skin cells. Bacteria when trapped in the blocked pores causes infection that is deep into the skin. This creates a bump in the skin which is full of pus. The secretion of hormone androgen is also the cause of cystic acne. In teenagers androgen secretion increases which causes pore blocking. Cystic acne occurs mostly on shoulders, chest, upper arms and face. Its bursting is very dangerous because it causes more cystic acne bumps.

What Is Cystic Acne and how to treatment?

What Is Cystic Acne and how to treatment?


How to treat cystic acne?


So many antibiotics are available in pharmacies for oral intake. It helps to fight bacterial infection and inflammation of skin. Regular intake of antibiotics on doctor’s prescription will cure the cystic acne problem.

External application:

Creams, lotions and ointment of different companies are present in medical store. These creams contain retinoid which is a kind of vitamin A. It removes the blockage of pores so that antibiotics can work properly on the skin.


This product helps to fight all the acne problems. It is a five month treatment and pills are taken once or twice daily. This will surely clear your skin from cystic acne. But if you get this problem again start the treatment again for 5 months.

What Is Cystic Acne and how to treatment


It is an amazing medication that reduces unwanted water from the cystic acne which is filled with pus. And it also help to prevent hormone that causes acne cyst.


Apart from taking medical treatments for cystic acne some precaution should also be done to prevent its growth.

  • Drink a lot of water to flush out toxins from the body. Water purifies skin and makes it look fresh and beautiful. Water dilutes the toxins so the chances of getting cystic acne reduce.
  • Do not wash your face too much with soap if you got this problem. Wash your face not more the twice and rest of the day use just water for washing if needed.
  • Avoid squeezing and pricking the pimples because it will spread the infection to larger areas and also leave scars on the skin.
  • Harsh Scrubbing should not be done if you are facing this problem. It will scratch your skin and causes rash.

With little care you can get rid of cystic acnes. Try to use less makeup and wash it before going to bed to avoid the blocking of pores. For questions leave comment in comment box.


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