Having a curly or curly hair for most women is torture but you should know they have a powerful sensuality weapon; you just have to accept it, adjust it and show it off. We will tell you how to style curly hair.

How to style curly hair:

  1. Hairstyle to one side:

Best One Side Curly Hair


One Side Curly Hair 2017

This look is easy to do and best of all is that it can perfectly master the rebellious curls that form every morning. The first thing to do is to take all the hair and spread it on one shoulder so that these do not move from one side to another can be placed some hairpins. Girls with this type of mane have the advantage that if a hairpin is wrong, your beautiful curly hair looks great. This effect is due to the fact that the curls are more disordered and give a casual effect to the hairstyle, however, if you have curly and short hair is nothing to worry, this look is also perfect in shorter manes.

  1. Pineapple hairstyle:

Black Women Pineapple Hairstyle For Curly Hair

In addition to being one of the easiest and fastest hairstyles available, it gives the hair a cheerful and fun touch. This style can look every day, can even be used to collect the mane at the time of going to bed. Having your hair collected above your head is important to leave the entire neck free to feel comfortable and to give a personal touch you can place a scarf or turban so that in a few minutes you are ready to leave the house.

  1. Hairstyle with small braid:

Beautyfull Small Braid Long Curly Hairstyle

To get this hairstyle look elegant in the curly hair should be started by taking a lock of it, then placed on one side by holding it with a clasp. Then a braid is made on the side of the hair, in this case, you can make a normal braid or a braid of a spike, everything depends on the taste of each one. Finally, a garter is placed on the bottom to hold the braid and last longer. You can even begin to weave it in Dutch braid from the middle of the skull and finish it sideways, that will give you greater sophistication.

  1. Informal hairstyle:

Informal hairstyle Curly Hair

For those who like to wear a hairstyle informs this is the best option to pick up curly hair in a different way. The first thing to do is to place the mane to one side, then split in two by winding each part in the same direction. Then the two sections are joined and braided again but in the opposite direction. If the rotation of each tuft is clockwise, they should be trained in the opposite direction. Then the tip of the rope that is formed in the mane is fastened with a small alloy or rubber, it is rolled in the base of the head to one side and finally, it is fastened with some forks.

  1. Side braid hairstyle:

Black women side braid hairstyles for curly hair

This is another of the elegant curly hairstyles that you can do in a few minutes. First, you should grab a lock of side hair and then hold it with a gum. Next, you make the braid that best suits you and like in that same tuft or you can weave one in Dutch or French form and when it is ready it is fastened in the back of the hairstyle. You can lift your hair a little bit in half or you can leave it loose, but the braid will hold better your take it to half pick.

Side braid hairstyles for curly hair

Long Curly Hairstyle With Tri Braid

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