African American women have usually brittle dry hair that are curly and wavy. They are difficult to manage but can be styled in a stylish way. You can do many things to look attractive.
The best and quick way is to straighten them or keep them curly as they are.
To make hair look sleek and stylish, straighten your natural curls. Its best suited for formal occasions like weddings. Use a straightener for the purpose. Grip a piece of hair in one hand and swipe hair between the iron of the straightener. Repeat the process for 2 to 3 times only and do the same with all hair until they have all become straight. Its decent and graceful.

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Natural Hairstyles Ideas For African American Women

They also look fabulous and stunning especially in elderly women. Teens should avoid such styles because they are aimed for women. It makes them graceful and sophisticated. Secure hair with fancy pins, clips or bands.
To make hair look trendy and modern, try out these short hair styles:
Curls or waves
With layered cut, make  curls using a curling iron . It gives a softer look and makes you appear innocent. It’s for modern effect.


Natural Hairstyles Ideas For African American Women

If you don’t like sleek straight hair and glam look, try to get spiky hair style using gel , mousse and hair spray. It looks rough and stern but stylish.
Short twists
It can shrink length of your hair and also make you appear younger than your actual age. Its for teens but elders can also go for it. Wearing big ear rings and huge accessories with it will look stunningly attractive.
Natural looks
Instead of styling hair in different ways, try to keep them as they are. Just shampoo them and apply conditioner then let them dry. They will become soft and shiny. Brush or comb them and leave as they are. This is the simplest way to style your hair.


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