Asian men hairstyles for 2016 are going to be very popular and some extent similar with the earlier year 2016 and also will be popular among men. Every man wants to look graceful, smart and handsome that is the big reason that they focus on their dressing and hairstyle which is most important. Mostly the Asian people prefer to follow their old fashioned traditional seem as side brushed. This Asian hair style only looks great on Asian men otherwise it looks very funny on American and European. Black hair gives great look to Asian men. Black is suitable colour for Asians.
Black Men Haircut Styles 2016. Mostly the males have long spikes style it look also good. Men usually have similar hair styles and trims. They often prefer simple ad practical cut so that they do not requisite to use brush so repeatedly. The good hair cut simply will stay all over the day. A lot of males use comb for once or even twice. Men normally have different hair personality than from woman. Some new haircut will increase your look. It will make you look so younger and fresher. You can even try to colouring your hair with pleasant colour like dark black or red etc. Red colour also gives good look to Asian males. Here 10 different, cool and unique ways for Asian men to make spiked, slick or haircuts their own. Long Men’s Hairstyles For Thick Hair.

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Top 10 Asian Men Hairstyles For 2016

1.    The best hairstyle for men who have beard

It is fact that beard with good haircut increase handsomeness. The shaved sides of an undercut are the good and best hair styles for those who have beard and want to have. In the season of winter, the undercut makes the transition to curt cool days with the beard. The close cropped sides and back seamlessly flow into facial hair. Wearing the undercut shorter than the beard makes facial hair appear thicker and fuller. You can maintain this style at your home easily with beard trimmer. To keep it professional and alluring to women, make sure trim the beard regularly.

2.    Hipster hairstyle for Asian men

Hipster hair style is the look to have in the coming year 2016. In this hairstyle hair is worn out long in length all around with full blisters for a rock fan modish look hair on the right side is undercut and brushed to one side.

3.    The quiff hairstyle

The quiff is a combination of the 1950s era pompadour and flat top with a touch of the Mohawk thrown in there too. Think James Dean, Morissey, and even Tin Tin. In recent years, the look has made a slight comeback. The basic idea behind the quiff is a tall hairstyle worn with a point at the front and combed tight around the sides and back.

4.    The slick hair cut

Here is a slick cut that makes the eases the transition from summer to fall while staying on trend with the best short hairstyles for men 2016. This short cut packs a punch in style with minimal length. The sides are shaved into a professional version of the undercut, with faded sides that are longer at the top and taper towards the neck for a clean cut finish.

5.    Mohawk hairstyle

The Mohawk twitches with the haircut and shaved sides with a band down the center of the scalp. How thick or long that hair is up to you. The more hair there is, the more products will be required to stand hair up. There is no doubt that this is a high commitment hairstyle.

6.    Faux hawk hairstyle for men 2016

This is high style with low effort. This hairstyle keeps things very simple and short. Angled cutting on top and short sides give this short style an edge. Style it into a faux hawk with specific products with lot of care.

7.    Thick, Wavy, and Curly Hair style

The only difference is that hair is cut on an angle to add texture while cutting out weight and bulk. The result is a great looking cut that practically styles itself. This hairstyle trend makes the most of a full head of hair, transforming unruly waves or curls into a stylish cut that looks great with or without styling. All this cut needs is to run a touch of product through damp hair and let it air dry.

8.    The fade hairstyle

Keeping hair precisely trimmed is one of the key elements to maintaining a clean cut and high style look. With the fade, hair at the back and sides is tapered from the longest length on top all the way down to the skin at the neck. This is a smooth transition compared to the distinct lines of the undercut.

9.    Indie hair style

This hair style gives you classic look. Indie hair is highly influenced by the vintage greaser era. Get the look with high shine pomade and visible comb marks. You can say this style an Emo hairstyle.

10.    Rocker hairstyle

Stage worthy rocker hair style needs some height from a strong hold product in a matte or shiny finish. Finish the look with sideburns and stubble.

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