We know, last year the style in men and the good look was monopolized by the hipsters. They came with the Man Bun and some Pompadour hairstyles, but anyone with a little brain knows that the Pompadour is older than them and it’s an elegant hairstyle that every man should try. That’s why here we leave you some of the best hairstyles for men that will become the trend. Take note of males!

The men with personality have its charm, there’s no doubt. If you take care of your look, you get looks of the other sex, whether you seek it or not. The truth is that every time you are more likely to wear a haircut with style, but it is also true that the names are increasingly complex and that makes you lose with what you wear or do not wear. Continue reading and learn about the haircut styles for men.

Haircut styles for men:

Haircut undercut, buzz, papillon, dapper, do you know what we are talking about? If you do not know, do not be alarmed and keep reading. If you are one of those who goes to the hairdresser and you feel like a fish out of the water do not worry! Because we have developed a complete guide to understanding your hair and your hairdresser or stylist.The problem begins when you open the door of the salon and offer you coffee or tea, sit in the chair and hear the classic “How do you want to cut you?” SOS! Obviously, we all have an idea in our head of our style and how we would be perfect, but we do not always know how to shape it. Many of us take a photo of the most its hairstyle of our favorite celebrity, but maybe, what is famous that fits well, is not your best choice. This is due to the different physiognomy that each man has, that is, not all have the same shape and size of face or head

  1. Modern Pompadour:

Modern Pompadour Haircut Styles For Men


The Pompadour is a classic reinvented that focuses on a short hair, recessed to the sides, with much central volume and marked lateral stripe.

  1. Side Part:

Side Part Haircut Styles For Men


It is a look with great force, aggressive thanks to the degraded sides from top to bottom to finish with a total shave.

  1. Low Fade:


Low Fade Haircut Styles For Men


The hair gradually becomes longer on the back and sides of the head, and the longer hair remains on the top of the head.

  1. Medium Fade:

Medium Fade Haircut Styles For Men


Any kind of gradual transition from short to long is considered fade, so before you start, it’s important to know how short you want the short parts and how long the longer part should be.

  1. High Fade:

High Fade Haircut Styles For Men


This type of haircut is one or two inches longer at the top, with a gradual fade towards a shorter part at the back and sides.

  1. Faded Undercut:

Faded Undercut Styles For Men


It is characterized by wearing the hair of the sides and the back very short while the part of the crown is characterized by being longer.

  1. Disconnected Undercut:

Disconnected Undercut Styles For Men


The sides can be very short to the almost monk or they can be degrading from the center length to completely vanish.

  1. Hair with beard:

Hair with beard haircut Styles For Men


You can also bring your hair down to your beard. It is a fabulous idea for gentlemen who take great care of their appearance.

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