Cinco de Mayo celebrated on 5th of May is the historical day is the history of Mexicans. They celebrate it at large scale. Every person seems to be enthusiastic and over excited. Lots of celebrations are made.
Kids are also part of every event. Even if they don’t know what is about they also enjoy and celebrate events when they see everyone around them is happy and celebrating. For Mexicans kids Cinco de Mayo is also most exciting day. They celebrate holiday. Lots of entertaining events are being arranged. Fun activities are arranged. Cinco de Mayo Recipes Mexican Desserts.

Kids dress up beautifully lots of cute costumes is being available for them.  Besides events special foods are made for them as well.

Cinco de Mayo For Kids Party Ideas  & Activities

Cinco de Mayo For Kids Party Ideas & Activities

Mexican Hat dance is a fun activity and a cultural tradition in Mexico. In this toy need a sombrero and a Mexican music. People simply stand in one circle holding each other hands and music is played along which everyone walks in clockwise direction. A person’s named is called out, he comes in the center and dance around the sombrero. When the person in the middle’s turn is up, they should rejoin the circle. How is Cinco de Mayo Celebrated in Mexico.

A mariachi guitar is another interesting activity for kids on Cinco de Mayo.
You need pencil, cardboard, string, knife, colored pen and hot glue.

  • First of all draw a mariachi guitar shape on the cardboard.
  • Now carefully cut the shape of guitar with the help of knife or a scissor.
  • Decorate both sides of guitar.
  • Cut four to five long pieces of string, and glue them to one side of the cardboard to make the guitar strings.

Paint-splattered mural is also a fun loving activity for kids. To enjoy this activity you need a: Large roll of paper, Pushpins, Drop cloth, Washable paint, paint in disposable containers, Rubber spike balls and Markers and googly eyes (optional).
You just need to follow simple steps.

You have to secure several lengths of paper to your fence with the help of pushpins and put a drop cloth below. Cover the rubber ball by dipping into paint and stand back. Now kids will toss the ball at the paper to make a monster-shaped splatter. When paint gets dry elder kids or youngsters can use markers and googly eyes in order to turn it into mural as a welcoming creature!
Food and meal is must part. So here is the simple delicious and tasty recipe for kids.
Taco Bar is a very good meal for kids on Cinco de Mayo.  What you need for it is
Carne Asada (chicken, pork or tofu)
Grilled peppers
Sour cream
Black olives
Shredded lettuce
Corn tortillas
Flour tortillas
Refried beans
Black beans
Shredded cheese
Follow the simple instructions.

  • Heat and prepare the beans, vegetables and meat ahead of time.
  • Place each item in its own separate bowl.
  • Allow your family and children to make their own tacos — taco salad, nachos or plate. Kids enjoy this stuff on Cinco de Mayo.

There are many other entertaining and fun activities arranged for kids.

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