Most women around the world like to wear long sleeve dresses. Long sleeves dresses are not only looks good but also protect arms from harmful sun rays. It has been discovered that the women who wear long sleeves dresses which are covered fully, they do not face any sun burn or harmful effects of UV radiation from sun. Dresses for 2017.

In different countries women likes to wear different styles and types of long sleeves in which they feel comfortable. Let us just discuss one by one, those different types of long sleeves.

Spring Autumn Women Clubwear Sexy Short Mini Dress Long Sleeve

                                               Long Sleeves Dress Styles 2017

Simple covered long sleeves cover the whole arm till wrist with semi-opaque fabric. Abaya dresses have been designed with the fabric which is semi-opaque. This trend is mostly in fashion in Asian countries and Arabian countries. Women of Arabia wear Abaya when they go out from their houses. Some of them even cover their faces with veil. Numerous girls of Pakistan like to wear Abaya at workplaces or in Universities. This gives them a feel of safety and protection.

Not only Abaya dresses however designers also launch different dresses with long semi-opaque fabric. They also left a choice for the customer whether which form they need or not. With the sleeveless dresses they provide sleeves for every dress so that women can wear them as they want. T-Shirts consists of opaque long sleeves which men and girls usually wear for a stylish look or to protect skin from harmful radiation of sun.

Men in Pakistan usually like to wear Kurta with long sleeves. An additional part in this style of dress is that these long sleeves have cuffs near the wrist which look really elegant and decent. Some women also like to wear long sleeve cuffed dresses in their college, University or in office.

When it comes to the styles of long sleeves than women also like to wear long sleeves which are longer than their arms length however form folds at the wrist part. These folds are known as “Churi”. Bell shaped sleeves were also in trend some time. Women like to wear long sleeves with bell shape or attack flared bells near the wrist part of long sleeves. These bells can be of different fabric styles depending upon the choice of particular women.

Net long sleeves are the favorite part of dress for the designers around the world. Numerous types of nets are provided by different fabric mills which consist of designs or are simple. Approximately thousands of net fabric types are present in this world which is used by designers in different style to make long sleeves. Net long sleeves are in trend around the world. They are being used with ball gowns, wedding gowns, salwar kameez, Long shirts, short shirts, Angrakha, frocks and many more.

Some of the sleeves have been observed which are long as arm length however is open with a cut shape from shoulder to wrist part. These styles looks really awesome if designed with cuffed ends. Arabian women are in fond of wearing these types of shirts casually. This trend is also been observed in all other continents of the world.

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